Conan The Barbarian Analysis

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The Effects of Film Technique on the Characters in Conan the Barbarian Throughout the fantasy film Conan the Barbarian, the director John Milius, uses many different film techniques to inform the audience of a specific message or a deeper meaning behind his intentions. The movie is about a young boy named Conan who loses his family because Thulsa Doom kills them. Once Conan’s parents are dead, Thulsa Doom immediately forces Conan into slavery. As a result, Conan grows up being exposed to a barbaric lifestyle and is forced to fight people. Conan incorporates his barbaric lifestyle to defeat cult leader, Thulsa Doom and the disturbing ritual-like worshiping of the serpent. The director, John Milius, uses cinematography to convey the superiority and inferiority within relationships and costumes and makeup to portray the time period and social status of the characters. The use of camera positioning helps to convey the authority within the interactions between characters. The different types of camera positioning occur during the film frequently demonstrating the dominance a person has over the inferior person. In the beginning of the film, the scene of the village massacre is when Thulsa Doom and his army kill both of Conan’s parents. When Thulsa dismounts from his horse, he approaches Conan and Conan’s mother. While staring at them both Thulsa finally swigs his sword and beheads Conan’s mother. After Conan’s mother is killed, Conan is looking up at Thulsa in despair. The use of camera positioning demonstrates the superiority Thulsa had over young Conan by positioning the camera from Conan’s viewpoint looking up at Thulsa. Conan remains speechless while standing in front of Thulsa. Another example that displays the superiority over other characters is when Conan, Valeria, and Subotai are summoned by King Osric to help retrieve his daughter. The king is standing at his throne and the camera appears from behind King Osric to demonstrate that he is standing above Conan, Valeria, and Subotai. This establishes King Osric’s royalty and superiority over the lower class people. Therefore, this demonstrates how the use of camera positioning effects the way each scene appears to the audience. Another important

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