Concealed Carry Across The States

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Concealed Carry Across the States Gaven D. Crosby Pennsylvania College of Technology In this paper, I will discuss Pennsylvania Concealed Carry laws, benefits of concealed carry and my views on such, states that Pennsylvania has reciprocity with and the troubles this creates, and the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2014. Concealed Carry is the act of carrying a handgun that is hidden, usually under clothing. Concealed Carry is a controversial topic in today’s age, especially with the gun laws that were dominating politics in 2013 and 2014. There is currently a bill in office to make Concealed Carry laws much better for the carrier. I will write more about this later in the paper. To acquire a concealed carry permit in…show more content…
Other states will have their own laws. There are also guidelines for leaving the state of Pennsylvania with you concealed weapon. These will be discussed in a later paragraph. There are many benefits to having a concealed carry license. The main reasons are work, self-defense, hunting, and target shooting. For instance in February, a pharmacy in West Virginia was held up at gunpoint. The pharmacist acted to save the lives of his staff and customers by firing two shots into the suspect, with his own concealed carry handgun. No one ended up being robbed that day and the suspect later died in the hospital. (Owens, 2015). In another incident, a combat vet saved his aunt and her boyfriend from an estranged husband that came into the house and began shooting. The estranged husband’s life was ended and three lives were saved. (Chilson, 2014). In another incident a man in Alabama was walking home with his dogs and was attacked by a bear. He pulled his revolver and killed the bear before he or his dogs sustained injuries. (Learn About Guns, 2009). I personally believe that an armed society is a polite society. I feel that armed citizens do more than just protect citizens from criminals or animals. Citizens owning and bearing arms also protects them from a tyrannical
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