Concealed Carry: The Right To Bear Arms

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Guns are a very big part of our world, always have been. However, the government has been cracking down on the finer points more recently. This is a very important issue for a few reasons. First, concealed carry makes people feel more at ease, safer. For instance, I work in a convenience store where open carry is banned, but concealed is not. I don’t know about you, but I would really rather not know whether or not someone is carrying a loaded weapon in my presence, but it makes me feel safer knowing that some of my regulars do have a way of protecting us if the need arises. The second reason is something from my previous point. There was recently a law passed stating that open carry is now legal. This is important because it gives our people…show more content…
They feel as though the government should provide the training and equipment that is necessary in the law enforcement industry. Democrats also support policies like requiring a universal background check system to ensure that all firearm sales undergo a Brady background check. Part of the Democratic Party’s goals/policies is the requirement of a background check system that ensures all firearm sales go through a Brady background check. Another part fully funding the Bureau in control of firearms so that it can conduct regular and frequent inspections of Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealers in an attempt to prevent unlawful sales. In a very wise move, Democrats are pushing for the requirement that any person who sells guns as an employee at a gun manufacturer, or through a FFL Dealer, pass a Brady background check. They are also trying to limit the availability of automatic weapons and extended magazines. Basically the Democrats are more rigid on the topic of gun regulation. (Public Safety [3]) They feel as though the government should have more control over our weaponry, and should limit the amount of power allowed in guns that are not part of the law enforcement program. I agree with a few of their wants and policies, such as the requirement of a background check for most everything gun related. However, I do not agree with the restrictions on automatic weapons and extended magazines. I fell if people are determined to have these things, they'll find a way regardless of the law, and if use responsibly there really is no
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