Essay on Concealed Carry on Campus

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On April 16th 2007 at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, a student with psychological problems began a two hour killing spree that left 33 dead (Reader). The massacre that occurred at this school is now the worst recorded incident in the history of the United States and eclipses the University of Texas massacre of 1966. In the wake of tragedies like these, students, teachers and administrators propose more measures to make us feel safe on campus. But why weren't these measures in place before? School administrators and police have a responsibility to protect their students and faculty on campus, and these instances clearly shown a lack of fulfilling that responsibility. And yet several campus' refuse to allow law-abiding and…show more content…
Third, any campus that does not allow students and faculty to protect themselves, violates their constitutional right to do so and leaves their institution open to litigation in the event that a crime is committed against a student or faculty member while on campus. Concealed carry permits are not easy to get. Every state that offers concealed carry permits requires that each person first pass a background investigation. These investigations usually take about one month to complete, and require fingerprint, criminal, and psychological background checks to find if an individual has a history of mental illness, criminal record, or fingerprints involved in a crime. After the background investigation is complete, the individual must complete a firearm safety and concealed firearm training course. This course covers not only the safe handling of firearms, but also covers the legal aspects of a persons right to use a weapon in their own defense. Students and faculty already in possession of these permits, have demonstrated they are responsible for their actions and have sufficient training so they won't pull out a gun just to show it off. These people know that carrying a concealed weapon is for self-defense, should only be brandished as a last resort, and comes with added responsibility and consequences if the need arises. Any person that chooses not to accept these additional
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