Essay on Concealed Carry on College Campuses

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The debate concerning the laws of concealed carry on college campuses has been going strong since the Virginia Tech tragedy on April 16, 2007. Concealed carry should be allowed on college campuses. On one side, people oppose the right of concealed carry on campus stating reasons such as this one presented by Concealed Campus, “It’s unlikely that allowing concealed carry on college campuses could help prevent a Virginia Tech-style massacre because most college students are too young to obtain a concealed handgun license,” (Common). That statement is incorrect and quite misleading. “Nineteen of the thirty-two victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy were of or over the age of twenty-one” which is the minimum age to receive a concealed weapons…show more content…
In March 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the University of Colorado’s policy banning guns from campus violates the state’s concealed carry law, and in 2011 the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned the Oregon University System’s ban of guns on campuses … it was ruled that state law dictates only the legislature can regulate the use, sale and possession of firearms…,” (Guns). This supports the arguments for concealed carry on campus by showing the Supreme Court’s support for long standing laws. Concealed carry on campus would do well for the common good. In having a concealed weapon, others may become uneasy. However, if the lisecense holder is responsible and caring, they could actually make others feel at ease knowing that a responsible US citizen could protect them in an emergency. To advocate for my position, I have joined the group “Students for Concealed Carry” at www. The group has given me the information to write to my state elected officials to encourage concealed weapons on college campuses, which I have done. Works Cited "Common Arguments Agaisnt Campus Carry." Concealed Campus. Students for Concealed Carry, 2011. Web. 16 Oct. 2012. <>. "Criminal Offensess - Aggravated Assault." N.p., n.d. Web.
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