Concentration Camp Dachau Research Paper

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Concentration camp” Dachau”

How did everything start at the holocaust, with the Jews already in the camps and having their population decrease since the beginning? Would you like to know, how it all started what was the cause to make it necessary for the Jews to be treated very brutale ? Here there will be information from the concentration camp ”Dachau” one of many concentration camps that were to mistreat all the Jews and forced them to do what they were told. You will learn how the inmates at Dachau concentration camp were treated ,how the other camps were different in some ways but similar in others,and the most important how it all started. In the beginning the concentration camps they were not even planned, to be mainly for Jews, in the beginning they had started with criminals and political prisoners. Later on Adolf Hitler wanted to have a “better” future, so who ever interfered in his plan was a threat so he had sent them to jail. People who
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Although it was not the only concentration camp it was a place where they did experiments with a lot of the prisoners. For example they tried out medication to see the reactions, to see if salt water was drinkable. They also used gas chambers which they crowded as many inmates as they could fit in there tricking them they were going to be free as soon as they took a shower, but what it really did was intoxicate them with Zyklon-B and they died. Afterward there was not many to speak of what had happened so the rest really believed that they were going to become free. So many orders from a solder at one point a man jumped onto the electric fence to take away his life instead letting the solder humiliate him. When it had started to know what was happening in the camps they stopped it immediately the US liberated the Dachau concentration camp on April 29, 1945 . They sent some death trains, Dachau had 141 trains that held 3,000 dead

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