Concentration Camps During World War II

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During World War II the German Army had constructed concentration camps in order to imprison people of their dislike, such as Jews. Concentration camps were great for the Germans, but they were not great at all for the people that were imprisoned them. There were many camps, some were work camps and other death camps, yet they all had an evil purpose. Auschwitz, which was the “most effective” concentration camp of the Holocaust during the war, was the place where more than a million people lost their lives (Auschwitz Concentration Camp The Historical Outline). The camp of Auschwitz started as a place to place prisoners, but as the war went on it evolved into a place of mass murder (Auschwitz Concentration Camp The Historical Outline). Auschwitz had one of the worst treatments towards its prisoners which can be showed through the prisoner’s living conditions and their punishments. The prisoners had horrible living conditions at Auschwitz that can show how horrible the camp really was. In the concentration camp the prisoners were living in places that didn’t even appear to be for people. The prisoners lived in places that were made to house 52 horses, yet the people were forced to live there (Auschwitz: The Camp of Death). The people either lived in wooden or brick houses, that were referred to as huts or barracks, which lacked many necessities (Auschwitz: The Camp of Death). A single barrack was to have 800 to 1000 people living in them, and the huts had to have around 400…
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