Concentration Camps In Nazi Germany

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The Camps
It is truly important to remember what had occurred in labor camps from 1933 to 1939. In Nazi Germany, concentration camps were where people were sent to work. Jews and other groups of people such as gypsies were sent to these camps. If someone was unable to work, they would be killed. The camps in Nazi Germany were cruel, and inhumane because people who were unable to work were killed, many caught deadly diseases, people were marked with wrong symbol, got experimented on, and people were sent to terrible housing.

During the Holocaust typhus was easily spread. “Typhus is spread by fleas, ticks, mites, lice and when they bite an infected person and then bite a healthy one.” (“What Is Typhus”) The article
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It was known for how big it was, and it’s ironic “reception centers.” In fact, the whole camp smelt of irony. The gate where you enter read “Work Buys Liberty.” But the things that went down in Auschwitz were evil. People lived in a terrible place. Susan Bachrach tells us how the living conditions in concentration camps were by writing, “Prisoners were housed in primitive barracks that had no windows and were not insulated from the heat or cold. There was no bathroom, only a bucket." (Bachrach, Susan D. “Auschwitz-Birkenau.” Tell Them We Remember. New York: Little, Brown and Co., 1994.) They slept in wooden bunk beds in very harsh conditions. In addition, the inmates were never full. The food they served was a watery soup, made with spoiled meats and vegetables, and a small ration of bread. Over 1 million lives were lost at this camp alone, and many of the inmates went through cruel scientific experiments. "SS physician Dr. Josef Mengele carried out painful and traumatic experiments on dwarfs and twins, including young children." (“Tell Them We Remember.”) You can tell Dr. Mengele’s experiments were cruel because people got traumatized. This camp was very protective about people escaping. They had electrical barbed wire fences and people watching from the watchtowers 24/7. Life at this camp would have been the worst experience in anyone's…show more content…
"In some killing centers, carbon monoxide was piped into the chamber. In others, camp guards threw “Zyklon B” pellets down an air shaft. Zyklon B was a highly poisonous insecticide also used to kill rats and insects."(At the Killing Centers”) Many people were killed. Some people had more chances to survive than the others. “Babies and young children, pregnant women, the elderly, the handicapped, and the sick had little chance of surviving this first selection.” The camps were terrible because babies, and other innocent people were killed cruelly. After the people were killed, their bodies were dragged out and people pillaged their body for gold. Their hair was also taken to be
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