Essay on Concentration Camps for Japanese Americans

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During WWII, many Japanese-American citizens were imprisoned. They were imprisoned for being from the Japanese decent. There was no evidence to convict these people but they still were imprisoned. Many Japanese came to the West Coast, which caused Americans some paranoia. Americans thought that the Japanese might be terrorists in disguise. In February of 1942, President Roosevelt ordered Americans of Japanese to be sent to concentration camps which were located in various areas of the United States. There were many aspects to the imprisonment of the Japanese-Americans such as their life before coming to the camps, the executive order 9066, and what it was like being in the concentration camps.
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FDR gave the military powers to ban any Japanese citizen from a 60 mile wide coastal area. It stretched from Washington to California and eventually reaching southern Arizona. The military was also authorized to transport the citizens to assembly centers in states all in the west coast. The executive order also took a toll on some of the people who were of the Italian or German descent. Though they were arrested too, their punishments were unmeasurable to what was done to the Japanese. Obviously the Japanese were not too fond of the executive order of 9066, many died and were treated very harshly. Though the executive order of 9066 was a big aspect to the imprisonment of the Japanese, so was their life inside the concentration camps.
The final aspect to the imprisonment of the Japanese was their lives in the concentration camps. One of the camps that was built was known as the Gila River Relocation Center. It was located in Arizona. There were about 13,000 people in this one camp. The camps were fenced and in each fence there were different blocks. The people in the camps dealt with many hardships. The camp was located in the desert so they were exposed to unbearable temperatures. The meals they ate consisted of fruits and vegetables that were grown on the land. Some died in the camp because of not being provided with

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