Essay on Concentration Camps in Night by Elie Wiesel

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Elie Wiesel’s book “Night” shows the life of a father and son going through the concentration camp of World War II. Their life long journey begins from when they are taken from their home in Sighet, they experience harsh and inhuman conditions in the camps. These conditions cause Elie and his father’s relationship to change. During their time there, Elie and his father experience a reversal in roles. At the beginning of the novel , Elie's relationship with his father is fairly close. Slowly but surely, through out the novel their relationship changes. The reason for their father-son relationship tobe fairly close and not extremely close as it should be is because his father, Chlomo’s commitments to the community, affects his life at home.…show more content…
Elie’s thoughts and actions reflect his reliance on his father in the camp. When he is going through selection for a komodo, he begs, “I want to stay with my father” page 48. But further on in the novel, they drift further and further apart. At some point in the novel, Elie starts to feel that his father is a bit of a burden. Elie and his father experience a reversal in roles, where Elie takes on the fatherly role and his father takes on the child role. After their run to Gleiwitz, Elie noticed how his father had changed from the time they arrived at the camps, “He had become childlike, weak, frightened, vulnerable” page 105. When they are finally at Buchenwald, Elie and his father spend an entire night apart. When Elie wakes the next morning, he frantically goes looking for him, as a father would look for his lost son. When he locates his father, he notices that his father was just sitting their like a lost child, waiting to be found. Elie says, “Father! I’ve been looking for so long….where were you? Did you sleep? How are you feeling?” pg.106. .As Elie’s father continues to show that now he is dependent on Elie, Elie slowly but surely grows into a parent. Elie believed he needed to be by his father because his father needed him. At one point in the novel, on page 108 Elie makes a sacrifice for the little bit of food that they barely get for his father, “For a ration of bread I was able to exchange cots to be next to my father”. Elie
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