Concentration of Ownership and Decreasing Diversity in Print Media

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Concentration of Ownership and Decreasing Diversity in Print Media

For all who love to read books, imagine walking into bookstore after bookstore seeing the same type of books over and over. No variety, no choice, only repetition. Although America prides itself on freedom and democracy more than any nation in the world, this hypothetical situation is becoming increasingly closer to becoming a reality than some may think. Consolidation and concentration of ownership in print media companies may cause for the inability of some people to voice their opinions. What does this mean? This means that the basis of our country, including freedom from the first amendment, maybe be pulled out from under our feet. Causes of this
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It has become increasingly difficult for new ideas to come out in print for this reason. Rifka Rosenwein reinforces these ideas by stating, “Having a few huge corporations control our outlets of expressions could lead to less aggressive news coverage and a more muted marketplaces of ideas.”2[2] And that is exactly what is happening, not only in news coverage and the marketplace, but in print media as well. When large companies dominate the print media of the United States, we are allowing information to be screened, weeded out, and chosen by these companies, and these companies alone. In order to further emphasize the amount of power that truly lies within these nine dominating companies I would like to bring into light the most profitable, AOL Time Warner. “Time Warner makes 20 percent of its money from the music business, another 20 percent from the news division (magazine and book publishing and cable television news), 10 percent from its US cable systems and the rest from its film, video and television holdings.”3[3] This is an incredible amount. Not only does AOL Time Warner make twenty percent profit from the news division of media, but they also have a vertical integration throughout our nation. There should be warning lights going off in every American. If one single company can have this much control over so many aspects of our life, there
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