Concentration on Research of MANETS

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Since the last decade, the usage of the mobile devices such as laptops or smart phones has been increased geographically. In such cases the recent applications developed is concentrating towards sharing of the files freely from one mobile node to another. But currently such communication is performed among different mobile users where there exists an infrastructure formed by base station found distributed all around the globe. When mobile nodes are taken into considerations, it is not possible to expect any such infrastructure. Hence now a day more researchers is more concentrating over MANETS where such fixed infrastructure cannot be formed. MANETs will be consisting of many digital devices, in which the node exhibits mobile nature. This has been a great challenge for researchers to build MANET where peer to peer communication has its own advantages as it reduces the overhead of maintain and monitoring an centralized servers. Due the rapid growth of interest of mobile users towards social networking applications, that allows them to share their files. This results in increase in number of mobile users to get used or joining such networks day by day. Hence it is must to exploit some basic social networking properties that improves the efficiency of packet forwarding among the mobile node. Mobile user’s basic interest is identified based on one of the networking properties namely movement patterns of mobile nodes. The underlying concept of social network reveals that people

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