Concept Analysis : Adolescent Pregnancy

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Introduction with Concept Analysis
Adolescent pregnancy has been a problem in our families, communities, and the nation as a whole. It has been the focus of many studies over the years. The United States continues to have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the world. “Concept analysis is an approach espoused by Walker and Avant (2011) to clarify the meanings of terms and to define concepts so that writers and readers share a common language”. An example would be the high rate of suicide from teen mothers. Many young women are exposed to a lot of hate and looked down upon. This causes them to question their lives. The bullying changes their state of mind and in some cases leads up to the death of the mother. Rodger’s concept analysis from 2002 defines many terms and explained the process of concept analysis using the revolutionary view. An example of Rodger’s concept analysis from chapter 3 of “Theoretical Basis for Nursing” would be the anxiety, shame and moral distress that teenage mothers go through. They can be overwhelmed with schoolwork, and the life style changes. The pregnancy makes adapting to what was once “normal” very hard for the mother. Adolescent pregnancy has affected and brought a lot of obstacles to families, society, and nations as a whole. Healthcare providers have been dealing with this issue, and it has been the topic and focus of many studies. Nurses need educational strategies to give proper care to these young women. The four points of
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