Concept Analysis: Compassion Fatigue Essay

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Running head: COMPASSION FATIGUE 1 Compassion Fatigue: A Concept Analysis A Paper Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for NU 506 Theoretical Foundations of The practice of nursing is synonymous with the concepts of empathy, compassion, nurturing, and caring. In the last two decades, a global nursing shortage has developed, leading to a phenomenon in nursing never seen before; the delivery of nursing care without nurturing. Increased workloads, higher patient acuity, deficient resources, and inadequate support systems, have all contributed to the decreased job satisfaction that has left nurses unable to display the compassion that was once a unique quality of nurses (Hooper, Craig, Janvrin, Wetsel, & 2…show more content…
Oxford Dictionary defines compassion as the sharing in another’s suffering, and fatigue as extreme tiredness after exertion (2010). Understanding the definitions of the concept’s individual components illustrates the cause and effect relationship that is the precursor to CF. A concept analysis by Knobloch-Coetzee and Klopper (2010), defined CF as the culmination of gradual and aggregated contact with patients who require personal self-giving, in stressful environments, for extended periods, without time for emotional recovery. CF evolves from an initial state of compassion discomfort that over time, depletes emotional energy reserves, and eventually surpasses the nurse’s endurance levels. CF is a complete inability to recover emotionally (2010). A study focused on social workers and CF defined the concept as, a limited ability to show interest, express empathy, or bear the suffering of clients, deriving from the instinctual emotional response, born from the awareness of a client’s traumatizing life experience (Adams, Boscarino, & Figley, 2004). In a study of the experience of CF in ER nurses versus other specialty units, CF is defined as the predictable, natural, treatable, and preventable, unwanted emotional consequence of working with suffering people (Hooper, et al, 2010). Running head: COMPASSION FATIGUE Physicians are not immune to CF either, in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical association, CF, defined as the emotional affects
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