Concept Analysis : Concept Exploration Phase

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CONCEPT EXPLORATION PHASE The main objective of the concept exploration phase is to convert the operationally-oriented system view into an engineering-oriented view. The term “visualize” is meant to connote the conceptualization of the general functions and physical embodiment of the subject in the case of needs analysis at the subsystem level. Below is a figure from our Unit 9 Course Materials document depicting the place of the concept exploration phase in the overall system development process. Water Treatment and Supply System Functions Below I have identified the functions that the alternate water treatment and supply system will need to perform. These are minimal and high level functions of the system. Input Functions 1. Accept user command (on/off) 2. Receive water for treatment 3. Distribute electricity 4. Distribute water through the treatment plant Transformative Functions 1. Filter water (pre-treatment) 2. Treat Water (physical and/or chemical treatment) 3. Chlorinate water (final treatment) Output Functions 1. Provide status 2. Facilitate removal of treatment waste materials 3. Store and supply water to stakeholders System Context Diagram The context diagram is an important tool for a systems engineer. It shows the external entities and their interactions with the system. Below is a context diagram for an alternate water supply system. System Functional Block Diagram A system functional block diagram provides a high-level view of a
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