Concept Analysis For Prevention As Intervention

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Concept Analysis of Collaboration in Prevention as Intervention This paper will examine the elements of collaboration in prevention as a means to intervention through analysis of Betty Neuman’s middle range theory’s concept of prevention as intervention as it pertains to nursing practice. I will attempt to adapt the methodology of Walker and Avant in this concept analysis (S., 1998). Nursing Theory The Neuman’s System Model prefaces the client or patient is seen as an open system, responsive to stressors within the environment which include these five variables: 1. Physiological 2. Psychological 3. Sociocultural 4. Developmental Neuman’s premise, that health is present when the basic or flexible lines of defense are intact, and able to return to their previous pre-stress lines of resistance. These lines of defense are dynamic at all times because they constantly adjust to changes in the environment. The system may react to stressors by either moving towards illness or health since they reside on the same continuum. Failure of the normal lines of defense to protect the system against environmental stressors may lead to client death. Neuman further postulates that when energy is adequate the system will be restored to health and return to the normal lines of resistance. The open system is viewed through the spectrum in a holistic context as it relates to the client. The understanding of the importance of concept analysis to
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