Concept Analysis In Nursing

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Application of Concept Analysis to Practice
In recent years there has been a movement in nursing to further understand the many terms (concepts) that are used. Concepts in nursing often seem vague or appear to have ambiguous meanings. For the purpose of this paper, we will take a deeper look at one specific concept, emotional intelligence, and examine a peer reviewed article that utilizes the Walker and Avant method to deconstruct the meaning. Emotional intelligence is asks the nurse to look at their own feelings and the feelings of others to achieve a successful nurse-patient interaction. Lastly, this paper will show how emotional intelligence can be applied in practice.
Concept for Analysis
The nurse-patient interaction is the
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Next, the authors were to determine defining attributes of emotional intelligence. They concluded there were two defining attributes: 1. Emotional intelligence as the individual trait 2. Emotional intelligence as the ability to understand, express and control emotions of one’s self and others (Yekta & Abdolrahimi, 2015).
The next steps in the Walker and Avant concept analysis model is to identify scenarios in which the term is used. The authors provide a model case, in which a nurse understands a patient’s concern over their diagnosis, and therefore, adjusts body language, tone and demeanor to suggest a plan of care. In step 6 they identify borderline and contrary scenarios. Yekta and Abdolrahimi suggests a borderline scenario in which a nurse understands a patient may need comfort following a new diagnosis, yet the nurse leaves the patient in the room alone to wait for the provider. The authors then suggest a negative scenario in which a patient receives upsetting news and the nurse, regardless of the diagnosis, provides a disappointing plan of care (Yekta & Abdolrahimi, 2015).
The remaining two steps of the Walker and Avant concept analysis identifies antecedents and consequences as well as defines empirical references. The article identifies one’s locus of control as the antecedents to emotional intelligence. Although this is not explained well in the article, locus of control is a psychological concept that refers to how strongly people believe they
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