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Concept Nursing Analysis The meaning of concept analysis is how nursing “explores the meaning of concepts to promote understanding” (McEwen, & Wills, 2010). Pain continues to be a common problem within health care and one of the most treat problems when seeking medical treatment. The concept analysis consist of several steps to complete the process. The steps of the concept analysis are as follows: “1. select the concept 2. Determine the aims or purpose of analysis 3. Identify all the uses of the concept possible 4. Determine the defining attributes 5. Identify model cases 6. Identify borderline, related, contrary, inverted, and illegitimate cases 7. Identify antecedents, and consequences 8. Define empirical references” (McEwen, & Wills,…show more content…
Pain cannot be measured by anyone other than the patient that is having the experience. This is why pain is sometime not understood and misevaluated by healthcare workers. Pain is measured by the Visual analog scale (VAS) of 1-10. One being the least amount of pain and ten being the worst possible. This test is done every four hours and reviewed 30 minutes after a medication administration for pain control. This non-invasive test gives the healthcare worker a measurable idea of the intensity of the pain the patient is experiencing. This also gives the health care worker a perceptive of how well the patient responds to pain after medication administration. Pain is not always seen it can be an eternal feeling. Determine the Defining Attributes. . Attributes is the features and descriptors that defines the concept analysis process (Walker & Avant, 2011). There are numerous reasons a patient would need pain control. The defining attributes of the concepts of pain is but not limited to physical, emotional, psychological, cultural, environmental, injuries and social effects to name a few. All of these things can attribute to the need for pain control. Identify antecedents, and consequences. The “antecedents are those events or incidents that must occur prior to the manifestation of the concepts” (Green, & Polk, 2009). This is where all risk factors or incidences that occurred prior to the pain giving
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