Concept Analysis Of Satisfaction For Breast Cancer Patients

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Concept Analysis of Satisfaction in Breast Cancer Patients Patient satisfaction is a necessary aspect to gauge the value of care that is provided by hospitals, clinical settings, and inpatient and outpatient facilities. These types of facilities attempt to maintain a high level of satisfaction in order to remain a contender amongst similar facilities in the healthcare marketplace. The quality of care that is provided by nursing professionals tends to be a major contributing factor in patient satisfaction. The concept of patient satisfaction is measured on many levels in regards to numerous diseases and chronic illnesses. Further emphasis needs to be explored regarding satisfaction in breast cancer patients; whether they are newly diagnosed…show more content…
58). Using the method provided by Walker and Avant (2011), the concept of satisfaction in breast cancer patients was thoroughly analyzed to develop a comprehensive definition that may serve as a foundation for incorporating the concept into nursing practice. The following paper contains a literature review, a detailed concept analysis, discussion of the relevance of analysis to nursing and its practice, and potential next steps to improve patient satisfaction measures. Review of the Literature A literature search was performed using several databases in order to compile and access a wide range of scientific and scholarly articles, including original research, nursing literature, and those outside of nursing literature. The initial results included a vast spectrum of recent literature covering numerous experimental studies and evaluations of previous literature. The databases for the literature search included PubMed, CINAHL, and ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source. Initially, the key term used for each database was “satisfaction”, but due to the high number of results that were found, the terms “patient” and “breast cancer” were also used. The initial search results for PubMed, CINAHL, and ProQuest returned 111,622, 31,672, and 44,081 citations respectively, which included full text
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