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Management Focusing on Acute Pain: A Multidisciplinary Concept Analysis
The concept of managing acute pain is extremely significant to nursing as pain is one of the most common problems for which patients seek out health care resources. Pain is a complex and abstract concept that encompasses sensory, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual perceptions of pain that may occur in combination with physical pain. Pain is difficult to describe and often hard to measure; although, most healthcare providers agree that pain is subjective and is to be measured qualitatively and quantitatively as the patient perceives its intensity. Pain can affect the quality of life of the individual by impacting them physically, emotionally, and
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Pain is described as a process instead of a sensation. Pain can be influenced by decreasing sensory inputs, and changing behavioral-cognitive factors. It was no longer necessary to differentiate between organic and psychogenic pain. GCT is to be utilized as a multidisciplinary approach in pain management along with CBT and pharmacological interventions. Defining pain from a psychological perspective, it can be agreed that pain involves a physiological stimulus. The presence of a physiological stimulus cannot determine the pain behavior. The impact of an individual’s mood, cognition, culture, social, and environmental influences need to be considered to view the totality of the individual and pain management as a complete concept.
Medical Discipline
Upp, Kent, and Tighe (2013) in their review of the evolution of acute pain management (APM) recognized that pain is no longer treated as a symptom but as a disease process. APM by anesthesiologists broadened from the perioperative period to include interventional and pharmaceutical treatment of non-surgical pain in collaboration with chronic pain clinicians. In APM the totality of the patient is treated through a multi-modal and multidisciplinary approach. Interventional pain management, opioid pharmaceuticals and their adjuncts, regional anesthesia, and physical
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