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Running Head: Postoperative Pediatric Pain Management

Postoperative Pediatric Pain Management: A Multidisciplinary Concept Analysis

Postoperative Pediatric Pain Management: A Multidisciplinary Concept Analysis
Acute pain following a surgical procedure is one of the most common stimuli experiences by pediatric patients. Pediatric postoperative pain management has long been overlooked and treated differently than adult pain management. There tend to many misconceptions when it comes to pediatric pain management stemming from the belief that children do not experience pain the same way as adults. Since the pediatric population is not legally allowed to make medical decisions, guardians must make these decisions for them.
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It was found that even though a tonsillectomy is considered to be a minor outpatient procedure, it is still a major event for the pediatric patient and is almost always associated with a certain amount of pain. The role of the nurse in postoperative pediatric pain management is to support both the patient and family, educate them on interventions, advocate for the child, and assess the cognitive abilities of the patient in order to accurately assess pain in the young patient (Sutters et al., 2007). Antecedents listed in this study are distress, tonsillectomy procedure, loss of control, and fear. Criteria are listed as education, advocate, age appropriate and cognition appropriate. Consequences are regaining control, decision-making, and increased coping. Shrethsa-Ranjit and Manias (2010) examined children ages 5-15 who underwent surgery for a fractured lower limb. A pre-formed assessment tool was unable to be found that adequately suited the proposed population so the study formulated another questionnaire that encompassed demographics, nursing care, pain assessment and use of pharmacologic or non-pharmacologic interventions. The study showed that ultimately there was a lack of knowledge in pediatric postoperative pain management across the nursing discipline. There was also found to be a gap between initial assessment of pain and management over time following a pediatric surgery. The study concluded that nurses
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