Concept Analysis Paper : The Concept Of Caring

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Concept Analysis Paper: The Concept of Caring
Mallory M. Miner
Idaho State University

Concept Analysis Paper: The Concept of Caring
As humans, we naturally want to care for and be taken care of. According to (McEwen & Wills) concepts are terms that refer to phenomena that occur in nature or in thought. Caring is a concept that everyone can relate to and wants. The term “caring” can be used in relation to nurses, patients, and healthcare facilities.
The purpose of this paper is to define the concept of caring, provide a literature review and state why this concept is important to nursing and advanced practice nursing as well as in non- nursing theories, such as the Care Theory. We will also look at the critical attributes of the concept of caring, as well as how caring is recognized, assess and used in practice and research. Finally we will explain how caring is addressed in Dorothea Orem’s Self Care and Self Care Deficit Theory.
Clinical Scenario
The concept of caring can be applied to many different clinical settings and situations. An example of how caring is evident in practice may be shown in a clinical scenario of a patient who is alone. M.M is an 84 year old female. She is a single woman working with no children and one day falls in her home. No one knows or notices until a friend comes over to visit only to find her on the ground, unable to move. M.M is in need of care. She is alone and scared and needs to be taken to the hospital.…
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