Concept Analysis : The Theory Of The Science Of Nursing

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Introduction Concept analysis is a process that many healthcare professionals use in practice daily. It helps when conducting research into the best practices we should be abiding by in order to give the best possible care at all times. Concept derivation from Walker and Avant’s (2011) perspective is often necessary when there are few concepts currently available to a nurse that explain a problem area. It is applicable when a comparison or analogy can be made between one field or area that is conceptually defined and another that is not. Concept derivation can be helpful in generating new ways of thinking about a phenomenon of interest (McEwen, 2014). As the book describes above, the concept derivation can be very helpful in the research of the science of nursing as I will explain can be done on the concept of homeostasis. Homeostasis is a term that is seen in all courses that nurses take for as long as the concept has been around. It is more than just a concept but can be a way of thinking and assessing our patients every shift, every patient, every time. Background In a flash, her world became a whole new life she never imagined. The hormones that she took for granted her entire life began to fail her. She was this successful business woman with so many hopes and so many plans already for her future when her new life abruptly started in the emergency room. That petrified mother, wife, daughter, and nurse was me. All the nursing education that I had up to that moment
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