Concept Analysis of Empowerment

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Empowerment is a concept we all have heard at one time or another it is utilized in numerous professions and specialties. Analysis of this concept will further understanding of empowerment for nursing professionals in areas from research, theory development or practice. Exploring the attributes, consequences, implications and model cases of empowerment can assist the nursing professional in utilizing empowerment to its fullest potential. Within the scope of nursing, empowerment can be seen not purely as how it relates to the client, or the nurse but also how it relates to both the client and the nurse (Rodwell 1996). The Walker-Avant method was used to analyze this concept, as it was the most commonly seen in nursing literature (McEwen &…show more content…
Empowerment always includes power, as it is absolutely necessary. In the field of social work, empowerment involves the partnership model in which power is developed “with and among”, rather than power “over” consumers. (Cox, et Al 2008) Wetzel and Inglehart demonstrated the Human-Empowerment model in which it is demonstrated empowerment is essential to democracy, because it is only effective if power is vested within the people. Empowerment in nursing stresses that in order for a nurse to empower their patients, they must also surrender power. (Gibson, 1991) Seen in all three disciplines, partnership is a process of enabling people to choose to take control over and make decisions about their lives and critical to empowerment. It is also a process which values all those involved. It is a democratic concept, fighting for the advancement of social justice and freedom of choice. Value of self and others is an important attribute in empowerment, and is essential for application of the concept. It is a very positive, proactive concept that requires effort from all sides of the relationship, whether that is nurse to patient, or teacher to student, or
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