Concept And It 's Implication On Accounting Practises

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CURRENT ISSUES ASSIGNMENT: ESSAY Prepared by: Prashnit singh ID: 1242222 Lecturer: Helen Tregidga Abstract The objective of this essay is to research about integrated reporting and write about the concept and it’s implication on accounting practises. For the research I used journal articles to help me understand and explain the concept of integrated reporting. The results which I obtained from the research are that integrated reporting is very useful for organisations because it helps to develop new understanding of corporate report. However, due to lack of framework and standards, gathering all the nonfinancial and financial information for an integrated report can be a difficult task for organizations. Introduction The essay contains an introduction of integrated reporting followed by the main body which consists of three questions. The first question is talking about what is integrated reporting and its concepts. The second question is describing benefits and challenges of integrated reporting. Finally, the third question is explaining what effects does integrated reporting has on accounting practices. The essay concludes with a conclusion. Main body What is integrated reporting and the concepts of it? Integrated reporting seeks to provide insights about the relationship and resources used and affected by an organization. According to (Roberts, Leigh 2014), it’s a
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