Concept Comparison Across Theories Paper

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Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories Paper The power and strength of disciplines are heavily reliant on the development of concepts that are empirically validated and relevant to clinical practice (Mitchman &Weaver, 2008).Those concepts are then studied within a theoretical framework that is applicable to the concepts and their attributes. Concepts are continuously compared and analyzed between theories to ensure applicability and enhance the spectrum of evidence –based knowledge in nursing research and theory. Community Health as a Core Concept Nursing Among the numerous concepts in nursing practice is the concept of “community” defined as,” A group of people sharing common values and that might be living in…show more content…
In her nursing paradigm, she stresses on taking care of the patient from all aspects of the person, incorporating the nurse-patient relationship in the plan of care, giving the nurse the responsibility of positively changing the patient’s environment and promote the act of healing. Here, she sheds light on patient education and care which is a pivotal role in community health. The concept of community health is available in every paradigm of Nightingale’s theory, and all aspects of it are discussed broadly, clearly, and qualitatively (McDonald, 2004). She set the foundations for other theorists to elaborate more explicitly and more philosophically. Community Health with Jean Watson The same concept of community health is discussed and elaborated further in Jean Watson’s theory of human caring. Her theory can be used as a model that applies to the concept nowadays, because her philosophies parallel to global approaches to community health and well-being (Falk-Rafael, 2000). In her theory, Watson has a mission to shift nursing’s caring and curing practices from the patient to the family to society, influencing the community as a whole and not just the affected individual. According to Watson, health is defined as a balance between the body-mind-spirit and with the surrounding world. Illness results when a person is aware or unaware of the imbalance leading to disease. She believes that self-actualization is the
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