Concept Of Culture For Organizational Business

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When examining the significance of the concept of culture for organizational business, we first must identify the two theories of culture theory and organizational theory. Diving into these two theories, we will review in detail of how each impact a family-owned business and how the effectiveness of the management and leadership summarize the culture of the business while evaluating the different purposes about the nature of culture and the organization business. The evaluation will require a reflection on the concept of culture; “Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.” (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2012). The concept goes into the behaviors and interactions of each culture, it is the identity of which the group of people establishes and can be seen as the construct of their social patterns within the unique group. Culture theory is a term used “as a collection of traits and studied the diffusion, or spread, of these traits from one society to another.” (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2012). Next, evaluating the concept of organizational theory, in this culture “An organization is an assembly of people working together to achieve common objectives through a division of labor.” (Schein, E.H. 1985). This provides the means of using people’s strengths in the group to do more than what was expected to achieve if they were to work
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