Concept Of Ecosystem Services And Practice Of Conservation

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What does the concept of ‘ecosystem services’ add to the theory and practice of conservation?
If we are managing ecosystems, then in theory, we need to also be managing people, essentially speaking, if we develop management tools that are effective and equitable and also meet the needs of people, then we really need to understand how people use and interact with their environments, how they value and prioritise those interactions and why. So the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment (2005) defines ecosystem services as the benefits people obtain from ecosystems themselves. These are categorised into three separate categories: Provisioning, these are the sort of the goods that nature provided us such as fresh water, food and timber. They typically have a value in the marketplace and they often factor into decision making. But it 's also the regulating ecosystem services, usually the benefits that nature provides through the control of natural processes that benefit us such as pollination, storm water protection and climate regulations as well. Finally, we have cultural, the non tangible aesthetic benefits. These provide cognitive development, spiritual enlightenment, recreation and reflection. Ecosystem services emerged as a concept to address the trend of ecosystem decline. At the core is an effort to sustain biodiversity. But ecological systems realised that these ecological systems and their social systems are inextricably linked, so that any attempt to sustain…
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