Concept Of Enterprise Architecture ( Ea )

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This article shows you a review about the concept of enterprise architecture (EA), and its importance of being integrated within the modern organizations in order to improve and proper document the organizations’ process. Organizations function in an operational environment that is enough complex, governed and globalized, as well as the need to maintain high levels of competitiveness. In addition, companies must manage the complexity of its information systems; they should keep active updated systems. With the appearance of new organizational forms that are emerging in the companies, understanding the nature and business composition is fundamental. There is need for business processes to represent and understand the operations of the company.
According to Goethals (2006), to help your businesses to meet these challenges a concept called enterprise architecture was created, which emerged at the beginning of the 90s. Basically, EA is a holistic approach for the handling and management of an organization, which adopts a comprehensive view that covers from their business processes, information systems, data, and information technology infrastructure. Another definition of EA is presented by Lankhorst (2005) as a coherent set of principles, methods and models used in the design and the realization at the enterprise level of the organizational structure, the business processes, information systems and the infrastructure. An EA explains how all the elements of information…
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