Concept Of Integrated Marketing Communication

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In 1989, Four A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) defined Integrated Marketing communication as a marketing communication strategy that provide a clear consistent and maximum communication influence to target audiences, by use a variety of communication disciplines. (Eg. sale promotion, public relations, general advertising and direct response.) Integrated marketing communication could be use to create, maintain and develope the customer relationship for those target audiences who most likely to contribute a long-term profit, for example loyal consumers, governments, regulatory agencies and investors. Effective Integrated Marketing communication could nurture a stong customer relationships, but it require a careful planning to an integrated communication program. It could maximize certain communication objectives that potentiality lead to a desired behavior form the target audience. It is notable that once a company adopted the integrated marketing communication strategy there is a major effect that every time the company in touch with its target audiences, the communication effort must be clear, effective and consistent, no messages contradict, but rater to support or complement each other. George E. Belth and Michael A. Belch (2007) summarize that, there are seven main elements to achieve a promotional mix, which could accomplish company’s communication objectives. 1. Advertising Any non-personal communication by use mass media to send information
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