Concept Of Organizational Behavior

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The Fundamental Concept of Organizational Behaviour

By: Roan G. Lim, MBA 2nd Trimester 2015-2016, HBO-3

Keywords: Contemporary, Fields, Concept of Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour can be expressed as an interdisciplinary field of study as it put together the facts from a variety of relevant fields. Organizational Behavior is not an fundamental topic, but it is relatively like a compound subject, with incorporated merging of various fields. In modern terms, Organizational Behavior is an defined as an interdisciplinary approach which helps in analyzing the human behavior in organizations. Organizational behavior can be analyzed in terms of various fields. All fields have contributed a lot in the study of Organizational Behavior. These fields of study are:

Psychology usually related to the study of human behavior, with qualities of the person and association of small social groups. The main center of consideration is on the person as a whole. Organizational Behavior discovers a great deal in subjects like personality, perception, emotions, attitude, learning, values, motivation, and job satisfaction etc. from the field of psychology.

Sociologists deal with the learning of social behavior, relationships among social groups and societies, and the
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Issues like, individual culture, organisational culture, organisational environment, comparative values, comparative attitudes, cross-cultural analysis, are some of the familiar fields of anthropology and OB. OB is usually concerned with one of the main issues seeking immediate attention out of cultural system, the beliefs, customs, ideas and values within a group or society, and the contrast between the behaviors among different cultures. People try to depend on their culture to give them security and stability, and they can experience bad response to strange
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