Concept Of Person Centred Care

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This assignment will explore and discuss the concept of person centred care in professional nursing practice. Person centred care is defined by Walton(2014) as offering care that is responsive to the patients’ preferences, needs and values and being respectful, in which patient values guide all clinical decisions. The personal relationships formed with the nurses, responsible for patients care will be extremely important. Nurses are well positioned to establishing partnerships with individuals and loved ones and they are central to the quality of care that is experienced. (Walton 2014). Professionalism in nurses describes the skills, behaviours and values common to those practicing medicine. The concepts include the maintenance of proficiency, for a unique body of knowledge and skill-set, cohesion to ethical code of conduct, accountability, personal integrity, a commitment to self-regulation, altruism and the use of discretionary judgement. (Young 2010) To enable individuals to improve, maintain, or recuperate health, to cope with health problems, and to achieve the best possible quality of life, whatever their disease or disability, until death, is undertaken by the use of clinical judgement in the provision of care. Nurses advance health, healing, growth and development and prevent disease, illness, injury and disability. Simultaneously they minimise distress and suffering. They enable patients and families to acknowledge and cope with their disease or disability,

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