Concept Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) has effectively been an integral part of organizations’ since the end of the 19th century. There has been continuous shift in name change, focus and responsibilities of HRM, with the role progressively evolving since the days of the industrial revolution, reflected in the change of terms from Welfare Officers, Personnel Management, Human Resource Management (HRM) and most recently Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Many academics have written different viewpoints and articles on the concept of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). This research will predominantly review the underpinning concept of SHRM: the resource based view (RBV); the universalistic and contingency…show more content…
The term Strategic HRM as a broadly used term, was coined in the early 1980’s, as discussed in one of the earliest research papers on the subject (Tichy, Fombrun and Devanna 1982). SHRM is generally concerned with systematically linking people with the organisation and more specifically, about the integration of HRM strategies into corporate strategies. This theory is backed up more recently by Martin-Alcazar et al . (2005), SHRM is ‘the integrated set of practices, policies and strategies through which organisations manage their human capital, that influences and is influenced by the business strategy, the organisational context and the socio-economic context’. It is reasoned that a clear strategy and an effective workforce to carry out that strategy, is fundamental to the long term profitability of an organisation, this precipitated changes in the nature of the HR function from being reactive, prescriptive and administrative to being proactive, descriptive and executive (Boxall, 1994; Legge, 1995). Resource Based View (RBV) The philosophy of SHRM is underpinned by the Resource Based View (RBV), the implication is that it is the range of resources in an organization, including its human resources, that produces its unique character and creates competitive advantage. HRM delivers added
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