Concept Paper: Bullying

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General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Inc.,
Bulaong, General Santos City

Group Members: Cherry Mae S. Bercero Date: June 24, 2013
Kenneth Jay M. Erasmo
Florean Joyce J. Ramillano
Keziah Keila C. Vallente

Part I.
Research Topic / Area: The Level of Awareness on Bullying among Students of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Incorporated
Problematic Situation:
The government of the Philippines recently approved a bill that would prohibit bullying in elementary and secondary schools throughout the country. The bill, now a law defines acts of bullying in
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Most cases are among elementary pupils and high school students but it is among the college level students in which serious cases of bullying happen. Piskin (2003:555) mentions that, “Bullying in schools is a worldwide problem that can have negative consequences for the general school climate and for the right of the students to learn in a safe environment without fear.”
Horne and Staniszweski (2003:431) note that almost every adult in the United Sates can remember a childhood experience of school aggression and almost every child can remember being a victim, a bully or a bystander to the bullying.
Furniss (2003:9) mentions that bullying in school causes widespread negative experiences such as misery, distress, fear, anxiety, anger and helplessness.
According to Hammond (2006:14), “Educationists are reporting that violence amongst students are increasing and instructors as well as the counselors are complaining about the violent character and destructive habits of so many of the students they are assigned to work with.”
Over the years, abundant studies have been conducted about bullying but most are focused on what are the effects of bullying in the different aspects of one’s life. Seldom are the studies about on how to avoid and limit bullying. And this is the sole reason why the researchers have come up with this kind of study.
The researchers are not only interested to state the grounds and impacts of bullying among students in General Santos Doctors’

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