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Concept Paper 1: During Election year, does this play a big role in increasing the country’s Gross Domestic product?

I. Rationale

In every country, gross domestic product (GDP) serves as an indicator to determine how well does the country performed for a specific period of time. It is an estimation of the value of the total goods and services it has produced. It matters to us when our country’s gross domestic product constantly increases from period to period, but is there really a massive increase in a country’s gross domestic product when it is election year? It is said that during this time, gross deomestic product is expected to increase for factors such as manufacturing, construction, and financial intermediation really
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No matter what job anyone is into, that company is already engage in business. Hence, the group will need the number of jobs present in the society, categorize them in the field of business they are into and get the statistics of employment engage in those jobs and hence, in the industry. The source could be a statistical source in knowing how many jobs is there in an industry, at least the most known and important jobs then tally their employment records in each jobs.

Concept Paper 3: How can Instagram, Facebook, or other social media be good for business?

I. Rationale

With the fast developing technology, more and more people make use of social medias and online based websites to communicate with one another. Some of these benefits are faster disimination of information, communication become more convinient and accessible and many more. Thus, small and large companies nowadays are adapting these technological changes. Different business industries have entered the growing area of online selling to expand their market to more people easily. Business people create accounts in various social media sites particularly in Facebook and Instagram to showcase the various products that they offer. In this way, people, especially those who are not capable of not visiting the physical stores, can be reached out. However, before entering a new market or adapting to technological changes, it is important for businesses to first assess the potential threats and
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