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The process of exploring the concept paper template and the PPT Concept paper required a lot of reading and discovery, but the essentials learned from the templates and the dissertation process will be very beneficial in the future when it is time to construct and develop a dissertation. The Northcentral University dissertation center provides valuable information and step-by-step instructions to help the student develop their dissertation and produce a quality product. The doctoral candidacy milestone document resources links in the dissertation center include updated templates and new guidebooks to help prepare the student and guide them in reaching their research and program goals and milestones.
Qualitative research designs.
Qualitative research is an approach used to describe a person’s life events and define them with research and investigation. The goal of this research is to explore and investigate a person’s life and how they experienced it in specific situations. Within qualitative research are different designs with their individual differences and characteristics.
The grounded theory form of qualitative design is used to understand and identify issues that exists in society and how people react to and rectify them. The process of research is to constantly compare and evaluate the subjects and define the concept through the use of data that is acquired through observations, interviews of the subjects…

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