Concept for My Mini-Exhibit:Tranquil Rhythms

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“The life of man in every part has need of harmony and rhythm” - Plato

Adapted from the Everyday Magic Exhibit at GoMA, the concept for my mini exhibit is Tranquil Rhythms. The title clearly represents striking elements of the exhibit that bring all the pieces together. There will be 5 collections shown in the exhibit, they are; Untitled (from webs from my garden series) by Sandra Selig, Citizens Band by Angelica Mesiti, Untitled Cascade by Rebecca Baumann, Assorted Spices for Dinner and Daydreams by Mieko Shiomi and Silver Screen by Callum Morton. The artists all come together around three central ideas that being tranquillity, rhythm and play. These central ideas will be furthermore explored. Tranquillity is the quality or state of being calm/serene. It is a key part of the exhibition reflecting how the works combine in creating a peaceful, calm environment. This is done through different elements, including music, calming movements or from observation of an art piece. Citizens Band is filmed media portraying tranquillity through audio as well as visual means. Each of the four performers produces music that isn’t particularly hard hitting but instead calm, adding to the peaceful environment of the exhibition. The four musicians perform traditional music that may not be as familiar to the audience. This entrances the viewer through captivating and engaging music. Selig’s series represents serenity through its harmonious red lines flowing and
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