Concept of Dbms

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Angeles University Foundation College of Computer Studies Bachelor of Science in Information Technology DMS 410 – Database Management System 1 Chapter 1 - Introduction to Database Management Answers to Review Questions What is redundancy? What problems are associated with redundancy? 1. Redundancy is the duplication of data or the storing of the same data in more than one place. Redundancy wastes space, makes the updating of data more cumbersome and time-consuming, and can lead to inconsistencies. Besides redundancy, what other problems are associated with the non-database approach to processing data? 2. The problems, other than redundancy, associated with the nondatabase approach to processing data include…show more content…
A database has integrity when the data in it satisfies all established integrity constraints. A good DBMS should provide an opportunity for users to incorporate these integrity constraints when they design the database. The DBMS then should ensure that these constraints are not violated. What is security? How does a DBMS provide security? 16. Security is the prevention of access to the database by unauthorized users. A DBMS provides security features such as passwords. As additional security, the DBA can assign users to groups and restrict each group to certain data and to certain types of access. Page 2 of 3 What is data independence? Why is it desirable? 17. Data independence is the property that lets you change the structure of a database without requiring you to change the programs that access the database. With data independence, you easily can change the structure of the database when the need arises. How is file size a disadvantage in a database environment? 18. In a database environment, file size is a disadvantage because the DBMS is a large program that occupies a great amount of disk space and internal memory. Also, because all the data that the database manages for you is stored in one file, the database file itself requires a large amount of disk space and internal memory. How can the complexity of a DBMS be a disadvantage? 19. The more complex a product is in
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