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Nursing theory is still a young field and as such, it continues to evolve as new knowledge is gained. There are numerous theories of nursing, each of which took years to develop and most of which continue to evolve and adapt. There are commonalities between and among the existing theries although each may focus more heavily on different aspects f responsibilities. It has to do with the philosophical foundations for each theory. Moore (2008) reported a nursing metaparadigm of four basic concepts: “person, health, environment, and nursing.” Another author suggested the core concepts of nursing theory and practice are caring, assessment, teaching and learning, collaboration, managing care, communication
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She also states that her ideas were developed through her work experiences and in her professional collaborations with others. This thery evolved overe decades. Margaret Neuman’s Health as Expanding Consciousness theory is based on several other theories, including Selye’s stress theory and how people react to stressrs, Perls’ Gestalt theory that emphasizes personal responsibility, and on de Chardin’s philosophy that humans are spiritual beigns (Tourville and Ingalls, 2004 , p.21). Basically, Neuman’s theory is founded on the premise that “the world is made up of interconnected systems” (Tourville and Ingalls, 2003, p.21). This is similar to Orem’s belief that all aspects of the environment have an impact on each individual. There are five factors in the Neuman model and all must be considered when treating a patient: “the physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, development, and spiritual” (McHolm and Geib, 1998, p. 23). This would equate to the meta paradigm as cited at the beginning of this paper. Although the words are different, it is similar to Orem’s metaparadigm, also. It is about the whole person and not just the presenting symptoms. Neuman sees wellness and illness on a continuum, one on each side and each person is at some point on that continuum “the physiological, socio-cultural, developmental, and spiritual” (McHolm and Geib, 1998). Exactly where there are on the
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