Concept of Stereotypes

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Stereotypes Stereotypes are the generalized perceptions formed against certain category of people depending on their gender, race, nationality and religion among other factors. These formed opinions about a category of people based on the general perceptions which can either be as a result of one's personal experience with a particular group can be widely spread which can lead others who have not had the same experience to adopt the same belief. Negative characters tend to be widely spread among other traits which are used in stereotyping which can result into discriminatory remarks among people or lead to stigmatization among the victims. Different individuals based on their own cultural beliefs or life time experiences have in one way or another had certain encounters in life that shape their thinking or opinions whenever they encounter or have an interaction with individuals falling within a certain category. These fixed general beliefs about a particular class of people are what bring about stereotyping among people in the society (Nadra Kareem Nittle, 2012). Instances of stereotypes My own Individual experiences in life as well as my encounters with various people in a much diversified society has led me to stereotype against certain category of persons. Throughout my upbringing as a child I have had a chance to interact with people who have different backgrounds in terms of cultures, beliefs, religions, nationalities, gender, race and different social status. I
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