Concept of Technological Dynamism

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We perform a critical analysis of the concept of social world and social capital and how it is influenced by information technology. This is carried against the backdrop of the concept of information technology as the conceptual framework. The paper concludes that indeed the statement that IT is radically changing the social world is true.

Introduction The contemporary society has witnessed a series of transformations which can directly be attributed to the concept of technological dynamism. Technological dynamism is a concept which was defined by Albu (2009) as the rate of exchange in the level of predictability of new technologies. The technological advancements that we witness today are largely as a result of the lack of knowledge that exists in our industries and the general society. In this paper, we assess the validity of the statement that IT is radically changing the social world.
What is the social world?
In order to fully capture the extent to which information technology is radically changing the social world, it is paramount that we define what constitutes the social world. The social world can generally be defined as a world that is governed by the interaction of humans. The social world is governed by sociological concepts of culture, system, nature, action, structure, mind, space-time as well as development .However, in the context of…

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