Concept of Water Taxis

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Post-draft outline 1. I believe that the idea for water taxis in Miami could work because family commuters can save from an estimated $10,000 to $12,000 a year by using it. 2. Research has shown that the water taxi concept is profitable on the basis of public-private partnerships, and in addition to the potential customers, stakeholders seek a wide range of outcomes. 3. Even if the water-taxi business is entirely private, there would be public consequences; influence from local politicians could help or hurt the initiative, depending on their proximity to the water. 4. The target market will be mixed, consisting of temporary (tourists, and cruise ship visitors) and permanent residents, who would find the service valuable, especially when compared with existing public transportation in the area, which can be a challenge to say the least. 5. Examples of the inadequacies of the existing public transit system are 1) renting a car subjects potential customers to the MacArthur Causeway, notorious for traffic jams, and 2) riding the bus is only for those who are willing to suffer through three transfers and ninety minutes for a three mile ride. 6. Marketing the water taxis should focus on the sustainability and cost effectiveness of the business, which means establishing a baseline of locals who use the service, and who will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Biscayne Bay, but who have no interest in dealing with the logistics of visiting Miami Beach. 7. Any water taxi
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