Conception Of Religion

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In the understanding of Bernard Haring, “religion” is derived from three Latin words: “Ligare” (meaning to bind), “Relegere” (meaning to unite or to link), and “Religio” (meaning relationships) . According to Omoregbe, the much we may infer from this etymological account is that it shows “religion” to be “essentially a relationship.” Religion could be perceived as “a bi-polar phenomenon , which places man on the one end and the transcendent on the other end of the same relationship. It is something that links or unites man with a transcendent being a deity, believed to exist and worshipped by man. So, in religion, a deity is worshipped. Whether such deity really exists or is simply the figment of the imagination of the religious man is not important to the conception of religion. In so far as the deity is really believed by the religious man to actually exist, there is indeed religion. For the religious man, the deity is a reality. The concept of deity is essential to the concept of religion. Hence where a belief in a deity is lacking, there can be no religion since religion is essentially a relationship established between man and a deity, that is, a transcendent personal being, believed to exist. Considering this therefore, A.C. Bouquet defines religion as:…show more content…
What it means to the humanist is quite different from the anthropologist, psychology, sociologist, moralist and so on. For example, the reductionists would define religion as anything that an individual believes in strongly. Hence, for them, “nobody has any religion; if one believes very strongly in making money, then money is his religion. However, as Omoregbe would argue that this view which reduces religion to any kind of strong belief in anything would not go because, “it empties the word “religion” of any specific content or distinguishing feature and equates it with belief in just
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