Concepts And Practices Of Sustainability And Green Architecture

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The activation of the application of the concepts and practices of sustainability and green architecture in the construction industry will lead to finding appropriate solutions to the problems of environmental, economic and functional. Green architecture and sustainable buildings is not a luxury academically, and do not approach the theory or the aspirations and dreams have no place in reality, but because they represent a global trend for the application and start to be professional practice and conscious to take the features of shape and dimensions to a great extent between the architects and engineers involved in the building and construction sectors in the advanced industrial countries. some of these countries had cutting a long way in this field, and there are a significant increase in demand for this approach years ago, in this case the people had increase the motivation of being interest in the sustainable building. the architects and designer In a race against time to provide a healthy environment and economical at the same time and crowned the work by green buildings.
Green buildings generally use 50% - 75% less energy than conventional construction. therefore, in order to find solutions to environmental problems and economic plaguing the construction sector we urgently need to change traditional patterns used in the design and implementation of buildings to make them more sustainable, and this required change must begin quickly to provide indoor…

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