Concepts And Theories Aligned With Strategic Planning

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Various forms of planning enrich the lives of people daily. Concepts and theories aligned with strategic planning are in practice universally. Planning is present in different forms ranging from short-term all the way through to the most comprehensive, strategic planning. This module has expressed ideals related to all aspects of the strategic planning activity. Concepts explored range from SWOT analysis, mission and vision statements, and resistance to change. The ways that individual lives are different because of planning is both intriguing and tangible. Strategic Planning and Other Forms of Planning Strategic planning is described as the administrative process of determining the goals and benchmarks needed to reach the long-range objectives that have been set for an organization (Glaser, 1971). This comprehensive collection of plans is set forth to cover the overall path of the organization within a four to five year period (Glaser, 1971). This inclusive plan accounts for items related to the essential competencies of the organization as well as positioning the organization to harness the competitive specializations that provide an advantage over the competition (Gamble & Thompson, 2011). Strategic planning is concerned with the pursuit and maintenance of this competitive edge (Gamble & Thompson, 2011). Strategic planning is composed of principles related to long-range planning. However, strategic planning is more comprehensive in nature. Strategic planning
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