Concepts And Theories Of Nursing Module 4

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Concepts and Theories in Nursing Module 4, Case Studies Myra Levine, Dorothea Orem and Sister Callister Roy are the authors of the three nursing theories the following case studies will be applied to. All of these theorists have very practical applications of nursing actions related to their individual models of nursing. Case Study #1 Concepts Myra Levine described health and disease as patterns that are a result of adaptations to change (Parker and Smith, 2010). Some adaptations are positive, some are negative, and once adaptations are exhausted or not possible, life is at stake (Parker and Smith, 2010). Conservation of energy is the way in which the individual maintains the balance between energy supply and demand (Parker & Smith, 2010). In order for an individual to meet all the functional demands of daily life, they operate in a way that allows them to get through all their life activities within the parameters of their individual abilities. Adaptations occur over time to compensate for imbalance in function (Parker & Smith, 2010). The imbalances can be due to physical condition or mental condition. Concepts for Jane In the case of Jane, the adaptations that allowed her to function within her internal environment have impeded her ability to function in her external environment. Since Levine did not believe in adaptations being maladaptive, the problem would be identified as an imbalance between the internal and external environment (Parker & Smith, 2010).
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