Concepts Of A Software Engineering Organization

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RUP Concepts Explanation Example
Role - shows the responsibilities and behavior of an individual
- Set of individuals working together as a team, within the context of a software engineering organization. - Analysts
- Project Manager
- Testers
- Designers
- Reviewers
Activity - Describes a piece of work a worker performs
- is something that a role does which provides a meaningful result in making the project - Staff the project
- Review the design
- Object design
- Detail a use case Artifact - is basically a work product of the process: roles use artifacts to perform activities, and produce artifacts in the course of performing activities - Request For Proposal
- Software Requirements Specification
- Software Development Plan
- Project plan Artifact Guideline - Rules , recommends, techniques to support the artifact - Business Architecture Document
- Requirement management plan
Check Points - Provide a quick reference to help you assess the quality of the artifact. - Implementation start
- Module completion
- Module Testing completion
- System Testing start
- System testing completed
Templates - are layouts or models or prototypes of the artifact
- Usually associated with the tools - Microsoft Worf Templates
- Mictrosoft Frontpage Template
- Rational SoDA Templates
- Microsoft Projects Templatates
- is any informational work made about the model and model elements
Work Guidelines - give the the techniques and practical advice to the role performing the…

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