Concepts Of A Software Engineering Organization

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RUP Concepts Explanation Example
Role - shows the responsibilities and behavior of an individual
- Set of individuals working together as a team, within the context of a software engineering organization. - Analysts
- Project Manager
- Testers
- Designers
- Reviewers
Activity - Describes a piece of work a worker performs
- is something that a role does which provides a meaningful result in making the project - Staff the project
- Review the design
- Object design
- Detail a use case Artifact - is basically a work product of the process: roles use artifacts to perform activities, and produce artifacts in the course of performing activities - Request For Proposal
- Software Requirements Specification
- Software Development Plan
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This is a workflow.
Workflow details - is a grouping of activities that are often performed together to produce a specific result
- gives the details about roles involved, input and output artifacts, and activities performed - In the requirements analysis workflow details are the inputs from the surveys , interviews and the outputs from the SRS like tracebility matrix etc.

Phase Activities Milestone

Artifacts Status
Inception Formulating the scope of project i.e., capturing the content, requirements and the constraints. Planning and Preparing a business case and the environment for the project. Establishing the project 's software scope and boundary conditions, the overall cost and schedule for the project and the potential risks. Also Preparing the supporting environment for the project.
Lifecycle objective Vision document,
Optional business model and an initial project glossary Came to know that the project is feasible and what customer want and how will you get into more resource consumable phase.
Elaboration Deeper requirement understanding,
Architect consideration , Risk mitigation and accurate cost/scapulae, Development case refinement Determine if vision is stable , architecture is stable and if executable shows true risk management At least 80% complete use-case model , nonfunctional requirements
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