Concepts Within Community And Public Health

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Concepts in community and public health
Sheila Hicks
August 16, 2014 Epidemiology
World Health Organization has called Tuberculosis the second greatest killer caused by a single infectious agent after HIV and AIDS, it has been declared as a public health crisis which is contagious, deadly and with grave consequences for those affected. Tuberculosis is found more often in third world and developing countries. More than 80% of people in Asia and Africa test positive for TB. Early in the 19th century many deaths have been recorded in Europe, where as in the United States it has been well controlled until recent
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TB bacterium can also infect different parts of the body like the spine, kidney, cervix, joints, bones and brain but is mostly found in the lungs. TB is an airborne disease and can be spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings or talks and others get infected when they inhale the germs. Tuberculosis can be found in about one thirds of the world’s population and out of that only a small portion will become sick with TB. People that have weakened immune systems are at a much higher risk of getting sick from TB. People with AIDS OR HIV have an increased chance of developing active TB the same goes for young children and the elderly. CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, COMPLICATIONS, AND TREATMENT.
The causes generally fall in two categories infected with the TB bacteria, the first one are those people who immigrate from countries with high TB rates, homeless persons, employees of TB facilities, people living at shelters, hospitals and children less than 5 who had a positive TB test. TB can infect any part of the body but it usually infects the lungs. Classic symptoms include chills, fever, night sweats, cough, fatigue, cough and sometimes the coughing up of blood. Tuberculosis can be fatal if not treated; it can also spread to other parts of the body through the blood stream. TB can cause joint damage, spinal pain, meningitis, liver, kidney problems, cardiac tapenade, and visual
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