Concepts Within Nursing And Advanced Nurse Practice Discipline

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“The metaparadigm is part of the domain of the discipline” (Turkel, 2013, p.423). Person, health, environment, nursing, and research are concepts or domains within nursing and advanced nurse practice discipline. A further question originate the concept of teach, and how this concept can be part of each domain in the nursing metaparadigm. The concept of teach in the unitary caring paradigm is the integrality or continuing interaction of human and the environment. In the person domain, the concept of teach would enhance the quality of knowledge within the person and his/her community, develop a deeper understanding of learning, forming a diversity of teaching strategies, increase reflection, and would learn how to deal with environment (Peter et al., 2015). The concept of teaching in health domain describes the transmission of knowledge from one individual to others. Teaching is a process, an event that occurs during life’s process; it shows to the person ‘the whole’ can achieve maximum potential (Tubaishat & Tawalbeh, 2015). “Health education in the community is guided by transpersonal teaching-learning” (Turkel, 2013, p.425). The nature of teaching depends on the person’s attitude, beliefs, mood, and communication skill to emancipate significant health promotion, prevention, and maintenance of health. The environment domain reflects teaching concept as the change of behavior, knowledge, skill, and attitudes that can occur at any time or in any place. Teaching expands
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