Concepts in Multimedia

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A) THE CONCEPT TO BE USED The term ‘multimedia’ refers to diverse classes of media employed to represent information. The unit provides the basic concepts of multimedia, multimedia elements and interactivity issues required for multimedia applications. Before the design take place, a topic from the syllabus was chosen for this multimedia application. This includes ensuring there are enough resources to building the application. Then the story board was designed while the content was carefully arranged. Storyboarding is used to help plan the general organization or content of a presentation by recording and organizing ideas on index cards. The storyboard evolves as the media are collected and organized. The content within…show more content…
Since the target user of this multimedia application are student in primary school, more emphasis is given on bright and colorful display. The use of multiple information formats such as graphics, animation, video and sound allows pupils to make connections between facts, ideas, words and pictures that are appealing to pupils. To enhance the pupils understanding in mathematic, they are encourage to try to manipulate the graphics in this application. Besides, this multimedia application fosters pupil to pupil and pupil to teacher communication. Again, it helps make learning fun. Metaphor Instructional materials prepared in any medium consist of 3 discrete elements, content, organization and interface. These elements define the essential characteristics of the package when they are combined to create the instructional sequence. The different media in which instructional materials can be developed all have unique and distinct attributes. Through these attributes, the content, organization and interface can all be varied to provide the unique forms which we see in instructional packages across the different media forms. Teacher presentations using multimedia benefit pupils by presenting material through a variety of modalities allowing pupils with different learning styles to access the information in their own way. Multimedia also provides an opportunity for creating interactive learning activities geared
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